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STOP the Heritage Listing of Mer, Dowar and Waier Islands including the Mabo Story.

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There has been a lack of respect and consultation toward all the Meriam Traditional Land Owners that reside on mainland Australia. The Australian Government propose to Heritage List the Mabo Story and the Mer, Dowar and Waier Islands in the Torres Straits, Queensland. 

The Australian Government is manipulating and providing false and misleading information to the Meriam Communities. They are providing short time frames suited only for the federal government to rapidly enact and heritage list our traditional homelands without our proper informed consent.

Not all Meriam Land Owners were given ample and proper notice by the Australian Government, of these rapid meetings that happened in early 2017.  These meetings lacked cultural respect, inappropriateness and manipulative tactics to mislead and victimize the Meriam community.

Although the Australian government initially stated to the Meriam community that the "Mabo Story" would only be, the intangible component of being Heritage listed; the government has recently advised that they are now proposing to also include, the three islands of Mer, Dowar and Waier, which is TANGIBLE. The significance of Meriam cultural knowledge and its stories; including the Mabo Story, we know is intangible; however our stories cannot be separated from Tangible and is predominantly connected to our and, seas, flora & fauna/environment and our constellation.  The Australian Government rapid movement to heritage list, will diminish our cultural connections to Land, Sea, Environment.  Our Meriam people and generations continue to be oppressed and dis-empowered by governments and, our voices made silent to any opportunities and developments.  Yours in this mammoth Struggle. 

The Meriam people request your help by signing this important Petition, informing the Australian Government, its Authorities and/or Subsidiaries that Heritage Listing of Mer, Dowar, Waier Islands and the Mabo Story is NOT SUPPORTED and has to be withdrawn.

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