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In the 2017-2018 school year Santa Rosa County school board did away with the small inclusion/ESE classrooms. This harsh decision violates the students potential to have a chance at a quality education based on their particular needs. The Florida Dept. of Education has an Act in place that are meant to protect our students who have special needs and developmental delays.  The "No Child Left Behind Act" was created and passed in 2002 by congress to guarantee that every student gets an education tailored to their specific needs. The NCLB states:.."every child can learn. The law confirms that as a nation, we will not accept a public school system that educates only a portion of its children. NCLB recognizes what truly makes a difference in providing a quality education. It calls for a highly qualified teacher in the core subjects in every classroom; the use of proven, research-based instructional methods; and timely information and options for parents." It also states ..."children’s education needs are placed first where they belong. To achieve its goals, NCLB works according to four common-sense principles:

holding schools accountable for results;
giving states and districts flexibility in how they spend federal money;
using scientific research to guide classroom practice; and
involving parents by giving them information and choices about their children’s education."
 So, how are the students needs met?  The students needs are presented through an IEP (individualized education plan) and sets accommodations and goals that each student works towards during each quarter of the school year. 

By removing these classrooms, and one on one interactions, the students are set up for failure. The students struggle from being forced into a mainstream classroom, and can not keep up with the curriculum that is set in front of them. The teachers are constantly trying to be heard and The district has basically turned their backs on them. We the parents and community need to come together and be the voices for the students. When you take away a system that has been helping students for years, you deprive them of the education they deserve and are entitled to receive. Another negative part of this decision is that not only will the students miss out on their chance for an equal education, but the decision strips away The NCLB act.  I urge you as parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, and members of the community to help give our children a voice! I also urge you to contact The FLDOE, our Congressmen for NWFL, The School District itself and demand that they do what is right for the students. Not every student learns in the same way, and if the District is refusing to listen to the teachers and staff who work with the students, then we must step up and be heard. We are the voices for the children, and we can make a difference by getting involved in School Board Meetings, and any other way to let SRCSB know we will not have any child left behind or denied a fair education.

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