Kenyan supermarkets To stop dumping of food to help Control hunger

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Food waste in Kenya  is a huge problem. Farms, supermarkets and yes, even households, throw away a jaw dropping amount of food. Food, that could otherwise have gone to food banks and other charities whose who work to alleviate hunger throughout our country. One of the major reasons food is tossed in the bin is Kenya's supermarkets' obsession with perfect looking food. Grocery stores know that their customers won’t tolerate a bruised banana or a misshapen tomato and so for the most part this produce goes straight to the dump.

Perfectly good food that could feed millions goes to waste every day. The stats are staggering. Fifty percent of all produce, one third of all foodstuffs are wasted. So much so, that tossed food occupies more landfill space than any other item.

This is unacceptable. The fact that over 3 million Kenyans go to bed hungry every night should make us take action.

The other year, France became the first country in the world to ban supermarkets from purposely spoiling and throwing away unsold food.Its in due demand that this should be effected in Kenya to save lives.