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Define 'proper swim attire' and train employees accordingly

I, my husband, and my 2 year old daughter were banned for a year from Turkey Thicket pool because I was wearing a sport shirt that was not deemed to be a swim suit, despite the fact that it was made of swim material. My family has personally contacted DPR about this issue (clarifying what can be worn in the pool and on deck) half a dozen times because we feel it is a safety issue (especially a sun issue at outdoor pools) and because we want to follow the rules. Many other community members have requested clarity, and DPR's response has not been clear enough to prevent these unnecessary issues at DPR's pools. Please ask DPR to clarify - in a very detailed way - what can be worn in the pool, on the deck, and anywhere else in DPR aquatic facilities. Please sign our petition, and see the full story at


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