shortage of education in Kenya

shortage of education in Kenya

May 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Samira Gulamali

To: Dr: Principal Secretary of Early Learning and Basic Education in the Ministry of Education in Kenya)

From: Samira Gulamali Jivraj, Aashiya Sindhu, Khalida Ali Joho, and Sima Karugaba

Subject: Lack of education in Kenya


Dear Secretary of early education,

We hope this letter finds you well. This is a letter written by the service-learning group 1 year 7 in Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa our names are Samira, Aashiya, Khalida, and Sima. The purpose of this email is to spotlight the issue of the lack of education in Kenya. In this letter, we have proposed ideas from our research in order to address the issue efficiently. 

To begin with, around 15% of children in Kenya don’t have access to basic education.

This may seem like a very small amount but in reality, it is roughly 3million children. 3million children without an education, 3million children without a future set ahead for them. Nowadays, the basic education in Kenya ranges from Sh45,000 to Sh65,000 which is way above the average monthly salary. We believe that you can help us solve this issue because of the influence you have as Principal Secretary, State Department of Early Learning and Basic Education, Ministry of Education

Secondly, the effects of not having a basic education are things that can majorly affect the economic status of the country because  An increase in workers' educational level improves their human capital, increasing the productivity of these workers and the economy's output. The benefits of having an education are vast with many opportunities to make money, thrive agriculturally, etc. In the future, when one is looking for a job or a way to make money, they are most likely to not get employed due to their lack of education as a child, because most of the time, earlier education has longer-lasting effects than let's say starting school at the age of 15.


 Finally, the steps which can be taken to ensure education for all are as follows. Number 1, cheaper education. This isn’t quite a simple solution due to the salary of the teachers of the school, but maybe you could raise money somehow they are also alternatives like starting a foundation that gives people who don’t or who haven't had a basic education but then again it all comes down to money so we recommend using these methods to hopefully help like using volunteers, hosting gala fundraising events, selling products, sponsoring events, and advertising to bring in more donations also another alternative is reduce coast of education all on its own to make it more affordable or provide financial support for the families who struggle to afford education.

In conclusion, we have talked about the issue in detail and how we think you should address this issue. In our opinion we really think this problem need to come into better light cause it is a very sensitive topic and it take planning to see how your even gonna address it and it not only a very important topic but its also has a lot of effects example our countries economical status and that just the tip of the iceberg so please take in to consideration our solutions.

Hope this letter reaches you well

Kind regards 

Samira, Sima, Aashiya and Khalida 



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Signatures: 77Next Goal: 100
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