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Let us fight corruption in Kenya on person at a time

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I have always thought that people of integrity should be able to make and keep their promises. It's the premise on which we elect our leaders, we marry our spouses, we raise our kids and we make friendships. The promise to uphold and protect the constitution for a president. The promise to hold and to cherish your spouse. The promise to protect and provide for your children and the promise to trust and love our friends.These are promises that most of us keep every day.

Some would say that expecting people to keep their word is a naïve idea and that in a perfect world that maybe that would happen. There have been people who kept their word before and time and time again it has been proven that one person can change history because he/she kept his/her promise. People like; papa Mandela, Prof. Wangari Mathai, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King – among others. This is  chance for you to make a promise and leave a mark - one person at a time.

Kenya has been branded as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Some have argued that previous generations have failed us, true. But it stops with us – this generation. This seemingly unending cycle of corruption can and will end with our generation and it is up to you and me to ensure that it does. This is not a call for the faint hearted, it is not a call for those who still are on the fence regarding the fight against corruption - it is a call for those Kenyans who are tired of the status quo and are willing to take a stand and fight corruption – one person at a time.

The challenge is; can we find at least a million people in Kenya willing to make a pledge against corruption and keep it at whichever the cost? I believe we can. Nothing is impossible if we believe. Out of the 46 million of us, surely there must be a million that can stand against corruption. There must be a way we can redeem our image as a nation and claim our place in the world as a country under the sun. This is how; by fighting corruption one person at a time.

This is a cause for finding a million true Kenyans. People worthy of the name Kenyan, willing to pay the price to redeem our motherland. This is not a call for everyone. You are not under any pressure to sign this pledge. But you are under obligation, once you have signed it, to ensure that you keep the promise the best way you know how.

To some this may mean jail time, to others a lot of inconveniences, to most it will mean not being part of the status quo. But every time you keep this promise, take pride in the fact that you are a true Kenyan citizen. Take courage in knowing that you are not alone. Have faith in the dream that together we shall overcome corruption - one person at a time.

If it only takes one person to make a change. It will take one person at a time to stop the corruption menace in Kenya and that person is you and me. Take your place, stand and be counted. This is a call to courageous, to the zealous and to the visionary Kenyans. It is a call to everyone who believes in Kenya.

By signing this petition you declare that;

I choose to not engage in corruption (which is the is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain according to Transparency International), because;

1. I am not corrupt

2. I love my country

3. I am a true Kenyan citizen

4. Corruption is an enemy to development

5. I am of good morals and character

6. I am not selfish

7. I owe it to future generations

By signing this petition today, I affirm that;

1. I am a law abiding citizen

2. I am part of the solution and not the problem

3. Fighting corruption starts with me

4. I am deserving of respect and honour

5. I choose to pay the price to keep this promise

6. My obligation is to myself and my country

7. I consciously choose to live out this pledge

And that is a promise worth keeping!

Thank you for joining this worthy and noble cause.

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