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We the Kenyans have been watching with alarm as large numbers of Chinese  Nationals indiscriminately keep on flooding our Nation. 

We would like our Government officials to spell out to the Citizens:

A: The role their government is playing towards equipping Wananchi with the necessary skills/resources needed to effectively compete in the world economy.

B: Conditions set out for these loans and who benefit from contracts.


Our fears are stocked by the continued lack of transparency with respect to Chinese sourced loans.  

A clear and concise explanation of the origination, project implementation and servicing of the Chinese sourced loans while assuring us that these debts will not further burden the already burdened Wananchi nor endanger our sovereignty would help alleviate the anxiety we feel.


We in the Diaspora and people of Kenya oppose further Chinese loans or the influx of their people until the Government put in place the following:

1. Create a think tank/working group that will scrutinize current and any future loans while advising the government on the merits and demerits of such loans.

2. Determine the precise level of Chinese manpower necessary to uphold the integrity of the project and their terms clearly spelt out.

3. Public to be well informed and made aware of the felt needs for all future developments and same to be made public through publication of work reports or media addresses

4. To ensure that corruption is stamped out completely so that project costs are not escalated and no variation orders approved without proper scrutiny.

 5. Involvement of our local contractors to benefit from supplies of readily available local materials or subcontracts.

We believe that loans should be self-sustaining. Therefore, we suggest that the government should involve a think tank of Kenyan professionals and experts as a sounding board as well as a resource to propose ways of facilitating local and foreign investors. They should participate and identify business ventures that would guarantee generation of funds to repay and maintain the same projects. (for example along the SGR corridor)


We would like to conclude by urging the Kenya Government to suspend all proposed/anticipated Chinese funded projects as there is no urgency in fulfilling the Government Development Policy.

By doing that, the Government will greatly ease the suffering to the already burdened  “Mwananchi” and further give them hope of inclusion in building their Nation.

Kenyans themselves can as well build the country just like many other developed Nations and same way China did it…. “brick by brick”

That way we as Kenyans will forever be proud of our own achievement as we narrate to the future generation “We built this place”.  Just give them a chance, Yes It’s Possible!