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Kenya, AFRICA Crisis - the wholesale slaughter of innocents anywhere is not acceptable.

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RE: UNHCR Responds to Crisis in Kenya from Tim H. 01/16/08 12:43PM

Why has the UN, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank gone missing when it comes to Africa ?

Any Leader of any Nation in the world knows what is going on in Africa.

As time goes on and new Leaders of Nations emerge, without asking them they should already be telling us what they are going to do when it comes to the crisis in Africa.

There is such an imbalance of the haves and the have-nots in the world that the "haves" probably are 5% in the world and have 99% of the money.

At this website:
they allow anyone to compose a petition for FREE. As many free petitions as you want on any topic of worth.

Let us start off with AFRICA and send a detailed petition that anyone here at can electronically sign onto and send it to the UN, the IMF, and the WORLD BANK and tell them to wake up and join in on stopping the wholesale slaughter of innocent lives in AFRICA asap.

And if this website that allows free petitions to be composed by you and whoever, before it may be deleted from the internet, make a copy of the entire website first. 

And the copy made of the free petition website can help someone to construct a new FREE petition website if the current one is deleted from the internet. And at the same time we will try to find any other possible FREE petition(s) on the internet.

Next with the names of the current Leaders of the Nations in Africa, we will send them our petition and ask them why they are standing by as the carnage continues day after day on their continent ( we will skip Libya for now ).

Then the next petition will ask the Leaders of Africa who are not involved in the wholesale slaughter of African innocents day after day, how EXACTLY can we help them stop the carnage.

And we will compose a million + free petitons for the rest of the world wherever innocents are being killed. We will bring PEACE to this world, maybe not in our lifetime, and if not, we will hand the baton off to the next generation.

And tell them to not go for the gold like all the wealthy have tied up, but instead of going for the gold we are going for " WORLD PEACE " and we will not settle for anything other than WORLD PEACE.

And if anyone else is not on the side of PEACE, rather on the side of participating in the wholesale slaughter of innocent human beings going on all over this world, we will petition them.

I think after login to there should be a homepage with a link that is named PETITIONS. 

And when the link is clicked on, there will be petitions for anything humane that is supposed to be in this world that is missing. Such as PEACE, food for everybody, clothing, shelter, clean air and water, etc. you know just the OBVIOUS that we are all losing sleep over.

Peace and light to Pamela Brannon and let us see what we can do with are collective minds to bring world PEACE asap.


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