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Kentucky: Urge Legislators to Vote for Shelter Animals

The Kentucky House of Representatives is considering HB 277, a bill which would greatly strengthen the powers of the state's Animal Control Advisory Board, giving them the ability to inspect local shelters, set new standards for shelter animal care, and establish a plan to increase adoptions and reduce euthanasia. The bill will also change the agency's name from the Animal Control Advisory Board to the Animal Care Advisory Board, an important semantic difference which reflects the role of companion animals in our lives.

Without HB 277 in place, animal protection groups like the Animal Legal Defense Fund will be forced to continue to sue individual counties when local shelters aren't up to par. By giving the Advisory Board real power, the lives of thousands of shelter animals can be improved.

But the clock is ticking, and if the House doesn't vote on HB 277 by March 22, the bill will die. Urge Kentucky legislators to bring HB 277 up for a vote and to pass it.

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Letter to
Kentucky State House
I'm writing to urge you to vote yes on HB 277, introduced by Reps. Crimm, Jenkins, and Riner this year. This important bipartisan bill gives the state's Animal Control Advisory Board more power to protect animals in shelters and rescue organizations by empowering the Board to conduct inspections, set standards for care, and establish a plan for reducing euthanasia and increasing shelter adoption rates.

HB 277 also reduces, perhaps even eliminates, the need for groups like the Animal Legal Defense Fund to litigate against individual counties, just to improve on shelter conditions. It will save local governments significant time and money.

As you know, the House has until March 22 to bring HB 277 up for a vote. I hope you'll be a voice for thousands of companion animals, by urging your leaders to bring this bill up for a vote and by voting favorably on it.