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Require video with audio in all classrooms for special needs students

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When my 9-year-old non-verbal daughter, Shelby, came out of school covered in welts, I nearly fainted.  When I found out that she was being restrained in a wooden "high-chair" during class, I knew I had to look into the matter. After fully investigating her day from start to finish, I also learned that Shelby was no longer receiving her modified lesson plan, and was being subjected to the general curriculum.

My daughter, who didn't fully comprehend the basics of the ABC's, 123's or simple shapes, was suddenly spending days bound to an old wooden chair and forced to process advanced concepts like fractions, rhombuses & photosynthesis. And the worst part -- she was being injured doing it.

Please help me protect disabled children and demand that Kentucky require cameras in their special education classrooms. Parents shouldn't have to be detectives to figure out what's going on during the school day. No one should have to worry about protecting their child from school.

Shelby always enjoyed school, up until 3rd grade, when she got a new teacher after Christmas break. Not long after returning to school, I noticed some worrying new behaviors. She self-mutilated (banged her wrists and head, and bit herself), was harder to get out of bed in the mornings, and as I'd leave her classroom every morning, I'd hear blood-curdling screams from her, all the way outside the building. I kept receiving the typical runaround from her teacher -- "Well she's just not had a good day, I'm not sure what's wrong with her". I got tired of wondering and decided to act.

Armed with the knowledge of what was happening to her in the classroom, I was able to make much-needed changes to Shelby's schedule and learning curriculum, and I even got a camera put in her class. Shelby hasn’t come home with bruises since and she looks forward to going to school again. But Shelby is just one student. I continue to hear terrible stories and see the toll that a lack of transparency in special ed classrooms has taken on children all around Kentucky. So I'm making it my personal mission to get cameras installed in all Kentucky special education classrooms.

Please show your support for my efforts to protect these very special children by signing and sharing my petition.

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