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Clean Water for Eastern Kentucky at a reasonable price!

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The Future of Eastern Kentucky would like to call out all state officials and local water suppliers. Our residents need safe and clean drinking water at a reasonable price. The local economy is at one of the worst points it has ever seen and rates keep going up while quality and safety are sacrificed.


We have been informed by the media and also our local water companies that the water they charge us for and expect us to drink along with our elderly and children contains hexavalent chromium that is a known carcinogen and fluoride which is banned in several countries around the world. As a whole we need to speak up and take a stand not just for our health but for our elderly and children.


Recent laboratory tests commissioned by the Environmental Working Group have found hexavalent chromium in the tap water of 31 cities. More disturbing still is the fact that the tap water from only 35 cities was sampled for the cancer-causing chemical, meaning it was found in 89 percent of the cities tested. The EWG estimates that 74 million Americans in 42 states could be drinking tap water that is polluted with chromium or its carcinogenic form, hexavalent chromium.

The Environmental Protection Agency allows for 100 parts per billion of total chromium in drinking water, but it has not set a safe or acceptable limit for hexavalent chromium, the cancer-causing variant of chromium. As such, water utility companies are not required to test for hexavalent chromium. California is the only state that requires such testing, and it has set a legal limit of .06 parts per billion. Of the 31 cities that had hexavalent chromium, 25 cities had levels higher than that amount.

Currently, the EPA maintains a Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of 100 parts per billion for total Chromium, but they do not test specifically for the carcinogenic variant hexavalent chromium.

Hexavalent chromium, or chromium VI, is a man-made compound containing chromium. Several occupations require hexavalent chromium use, such as steel manufacturing and welding, chromate pigments and chemicals and thermal cutting. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers hexavalent chromium in any form to be a carcinogen. Small-scale exposure to hexavalent chromium will unlikely cause any side effects; however, you should avoid ingesting and minimize contact with products containing hexavalent chromium.


Skin Irritation

Prolonged or repeated exposure of hexavalent chromium to the skin or eyes can cause irritations, such as discolorations and rashes. Symptoms will progressively get worse with repeated exposure. A report published in the “Archives of Toxicology” in 1981 demonstrated the ability of hexavalent chromium to be absorbed through the skin. Prolonged exposure simply allowed hexavalent chromium to accumulate in cells and move to the blood stream to be taken throughout the body. You should take precautions to prevent exposure to hexavalent chromium in liquid form and to minimize exposure to skin and eyes when working with hexavalent chromium.


Signs of respiratory distress have been reported in people who are exposed to industrial hexavalent chromium by-products daily. Airborne particulates can accumulate in the lungs and make breathing more difficult, according to the CDC. Moreover, nasal passages, throat and mouth may become scarred. You should wear a protective face mask in order to guard against this possibility. If you experience chronic nosebleeds, you should be evaluated for toxic hexavalent chromium exposure.

Kidney and Liver Damage

Your kidneys and liver will attempt to filter toxins from your body. Hexavalent chromium, however, accumulates in the kidneys and liver without a method to escape. This accumulation causes cellular toxicity and forces the kidney and liver cells to die. If you notice a change in urine output you may be experiencing symptoms of kidney failure. Eventually, kidney and liver failure is possible with prolonged exposure to hexavalent chromium.


Teeth Degradation

Hexavalent chromium has the ability to erode the enamel protecting your teeth. Repeated exposure of hexavalent chromium to your mouth will cause discoloration of teeth followed by erosion. The CDC has a comprehensive website that illustrates this troubling affect.


Lung Cancer

Hexavalent chromium is considered a general carcinogen. If ingested, you may experience any type of cancer, including stomach, throat and uterine cancer. Lung cancer, however, is the most prevalent form of cancer caused by hexavalent chromium. Typically, industrial workers exposed to hexavalent chromium on a daily basis develop lung cancer. Since there is not a method to definitely diagnose cancer caused uniquely by hexavalent chromium exposure, there may be other more prevalent forms of cancer not yet attributed to hexavalent chromium.



Adding fluoride to municipal water supplies also has documented, significant, widely recognized, adverse health effects; many are listed in the petition below.


10 Facts About Fluoride
1.Most Developed Countries Do Not Fluoridate Their Water

More people drink fluoridated water in the US alone than in the rest of the world combined. In Western Europe, for instance, 97 percent of the population drinks non-fluoridated water.

2.Fluoridated Countries Do Not Have Less Tooth Decay Than Non-Fluoridated Countries

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no discernible difference in tooth decay between developed countries that fluoridate their water and those that do not. The decline in tooth decay the US has experienced over the last 60 years, which is often attributed to fluoridated water, has likewise occurred in all developed countries (most of which do not fluoridate their water).

3.Fluoride Affects Many Tissues in Your Body Besides Your Teeth

Many assume that consuming fluoride is only an issue that involves your dental health. But according to a 500-page scientific review, fluoride is an endocrine disruptor that can affect your bones, brain, thyroid gland, pineal gland and even your blood sugar levels.2

There have been over 34 human studies and 100 animal studies linking fluoride to brain damage,3 including lower IQ in children, and studies have shown that fluoride toxicity can lead to a wide variety of health problems, including:

Increased lead absorption
Disrupts synthesis of collagen
Hyperactivity and/or lethargy
Muscle disorders
Thyroid disease
Bone fractures
Lowered thyroid function
Bone cancer (osteosarcoma)
Inactivates 62 enzymes and inhibits more than 100
Inhibited formation of antibodies
Genetic damage and cell death
Increased tumor and cancer rate
Disrupted immune system
Damaged sperm and increased infertility
4.Fluoridation is Not a "Natural" Process

Fluoride is naturally occurring in some areas, leading to high levels in certain water supplies "naturally." Fluoridation advocates often use this to support its safety, however naturally occurring substances are not automatically safe (think of arsenic, for instance).

Further, the fluoride added to most water supplies is not the naturally occurring variety but rather fluorosilicic acid, which is captured in air pollution control devices of the phosphate fertilizer industry. As FAN reported:

"This captured fluoride acid is the most contaminated chemical added to public water supplies, and may impose additional risks to those presented by natural fluorides. These risks include a possible cancer hazard from the acid's elevated arsenic content, and a possible neurotoxic hazard from the acid's ability--under some conditions--to increase the erosion of lead from old pipes."

5.40% of American Teenagers Show Visible Signs of Fluoride Overexposure

About 40 percent of American teens have dental fluorosis,4 a condition that refers to changes in the appearance of tooth enamel that are caused by long-term ingestion of fluoride during the time teeth are forming. In some areas, fluorosis rates are as high as 70-80 percent, with some children suffering from advanced forms.

It's likely this is a sign that children are receiving large amounts of fluoride from multiple sources, including not only drinking water but also fluoride toothpaste, processed beverages/foods, fluoride pesticides, tea, non-stick pans and some fluorinated drugs. So not only do we need to address the issue of water fluoridation, but how this exposure is magnified by other sources of fluoride that are now common.

It's also important to realize that dental fluorosis is NOT "just cosmetic." It can also be an indication that the rest of your body, such as your bones and internal organs, including your brain, have been overexposed to fluoride as well. In other words, if fluoride is having a visually detrimental effect on the surface of your teeth, you can be virtually guaranteed that it's also damaging other parts of your body, such as your bones.

6.For Infants, Fluoridated Water Provides No Benefits, Only Risks

Infants who consume formula made with fluoridated tap water may consume up to 1,200 micrograms of fluoride, or about 100 times more than the recommended amounts. Such "spikes" of fluoride exposure during infancy provide no known advantage to teeth, but they do have plenty of known harmful effects.

Babies given fluoridated water in their formula are not only more likely to develop dental fluorosis, but may also have reduced IQ scores. In fact, a Harvard University meta-analysis funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) concluded that children who live in areas with highly fluoridated water have "significantly lower" IQ scores than those who live in low fluoride areas.5 A number of prominent dental researchers now advise that parents should not add fluoridated water to baby formula.

7.Fluoride Supplements Have Never Been Approved by the FDA 

The fluoride supplements sometimes prescribed to those who are not drinking fluoridated water have not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the prevention of tooth decay. In fact, the fluoride supplements that the FDA has reviewed have been rejected.

"So with fluoridation, we are adding to the water a prescription-strength dose of a drug that has never been approved by the FDA," FAN noted.

8.Fluoride is the Only Medicine Added to Public Water

Fluoride is added to drinking water to prevent a disease (tooth decay), and as such becomes a medicine by FDA definition. While proponents claim this is no different than adding vitamin D to milk, fluoride is not an essential nutrient. Many European nations have rejected fluoride for the very reason that delivering medication via the water supply would be inappropriate. Water fluoridation is a form of mass medication that denies you the right to informed consent.

9.Swallowing Fluoride Provides Little Benefit to Teeth

It is now widely recognized that fluoride's only justifiable benefit comes from topical contact with teeth, which even the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has acknowledged. Adding it to water and pills, which are swallowed,offers little, if any, benefit to your teeth.

10.Disadvantaged Communities are the Most Disadvantaged by Fluoride

Fluoride toxicity is exacerbated by conditions that occur much more frequently in low-income areas. This includes:

·         Nutrient deficiencies

·         Infant formula consumption

·         Kidney disease

·         Diabetes

African American and Mexican American children have significantly higher rates of dental fluorosis, and many low-income urban communities also have severe oral health crises, despite decades of water fluoridation. FAN continues:

"The simple fact is that poor populations need dental care, not fluoridation chemicals in their water. The millions of dollars spent each year promoting fluoridation would be better spent advocating for policies that provide real dental care: like allowing dental therapists to provide affordable care to populations with little access to dentists. In short, fluoridation provides good PR for dental trade associations, but bad medicine for those it's supposedly meant to serve."


Municipalities throughout the United States and these European countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, and Switzerland) have chosen fluoride-free water, in light of newest research data.

Please join us in our effort to eliminate contaminates in our public water supply throughout Eastern Kentucky; assuring safe water for those relying on drinking water from our local municipal water sources, as an essential component of daily sustenance and optimal health.

Please add your local water company on the petition comment section as well as your average monthly rate.

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