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Kentucky State Representatives: Review my case & see the police lied and committed perjury


June 27th 2007 is when the hell began. Pulled over by police who searched my vehicle and saw two boxes of Sudafed (my wife and I just purchased from Walgreens) and some matches in the trunk. They asked to follow us to our home to search our home because they had suspicions we have a meth lab. We agreed because I had nothing to hide. Upon arriving at my home (with no warrant) I allowed them to search my property. The main police officer Chris Thompson was obviously aggravated at NOT finding a meth lab. 

I scrap on the side for extra money so I have lots of junk waiting to be trashed in the yard. The police began to collect stuff to use as evidence against me. Anything they could find such as tubes, charcoal fluid, jars etc.
Chris Thompson threatened to take my wife to jail so he began to guide me on what I needed to admit too. This was conveniently on tape for him. From the moment they got to my home the lies began and never stopped! After being taken to jail I was charged with manufacturing methamphetamines. My wife was later arrested when she should not have been. We were kicked out of our home. We had our home tested to prove we did not have a meth lab. Even though it passed we were still not allowed into our home. No hard evidence was ever brought to my hearings, the prosecutors and police lied about the evidence. My attorney convinced me to plead guilty. I served two years in the penitentiary. The list goes on and on.
After I won my appeal I wanted to sue the police and others involved in their wrong doing. I was told the statute of limitations had run out to do anything! I never knew a limitation had existed. Other judges from KY that reviewed my case agreed my constitutional rights were broken on a federal and state level! They said my 5th, 6th & 14th US Constitutions were broken and my 2nd and 11th constitutional rights of KY.
I was told my statute of limitations have run out and can’t do anything? How can there be limitations when your constitutional rights have been broken? There has to be something that can be done. How many people are done wrong by police and the court system? Why do police officers, judges and attorneys get away with lies? If you are poor, or on the other side of the fence no one wants to believe you are telling the truth or help you. I have proof on paper, court vides and letters from judges. All I want is my case looked at by someone willing to listen. I want Chris Thompson and the others involved to pay for breaking the law like I did.
Regardless of what can and cannot be done. I want my state representitives to listen and review what happened to me and my family. To take the time to care about the people that get hurt by the system that is supposed to protect them. I want them to tell me what I can still do so I can move forward with my case. Thank you for your time.

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