Appointment of a new prosecutor for the Breonna Taylor case.

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With the recent release of the transcripts related to the Breonna Taylor case by the Attorney General (Daniel Cameron), it has become evident the AG acted in his own interest and not the interest of the citizens of the commonwealth, namely Breonna and her family.

AG Cameron withheld pertinent information from jurors which would have possibly led to criminal charges against the police officers involved in the killing of an innocent young lady. The Kentucky Supreme Court has firmly established that the Attorney General’s primary obligation is to the people and their Commonwealth – not any branch of government. In 2016, the Supreme Court recognized the Attorney General’s common-law obligation to protect public rights and interests by ensuring that our government acts legally and constitutionally, in Beshear v. Bevin, 498 S.W.3d 355. The Court wrote that “It is certainly in ‘the interest of all the people’ that there be no unconstitutional or illegal governmental conduct.” 

AG Cameron has failed in his obligations and therefore, this petition seeks to have a new prosecutor appointed for the case against the police  involved in the killing and cover-up of Breonna Taylor. 

This petition will be forwarded to the Kentucky Prosecutors Advisory Council. AG Cameron will have to recuse himself from further involvement once this petition is forwarded. Please sign as we continue the fight.