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May 6, 2008 DAVID PEEL Murdered MARK DUNN in Nicholasville, Ky in the garage at his home and went free for six and a half years before he and an accomplice were arrested.(Sept 10, 2014 buy secret indictment grand jury).

His accomplice, Odis Henson wrapped Mark's Body in a tarp and threw him in the back of his pickup truck while Odis drove the truck to the river with David following and they set the truck and body on fire. Leaving marks remains to be taken away in five body bags as his arms and legs burnt from his body. It's still unclear and impossible for me to believe  that just one man  could  place a body  of the size of Mark Dunn in the back of his pickup truck .  David Peel is confined to a wheelchair .  Odis  Henson claims he was the sole person  to do this. Over the time both men have been in a prison and David Peel claimed innocent until this year, March 9th when he pled guilty to shooting and killing Mark. Odis Henson took a plea deal in exchange for his testimony as he was present and inside the house when he heard the gunshot.

DEAL #1 David Peel was granted a bond hearing, a murder bond hearing. He was granted a $100,000 full cash Bond which was not met. Shortly after he was granted a bond reduction hearing, this was DEAL #2 as he received his get-out-of-jail-free card based on his own recognizance, and claimed by his attorney that he was not a Flight Risk

What they were sure wrong about that though. A couple of weeks after his release he was due to report to court and did not show and was re rested.

DEAL #3 (THE BIG DEAL) his guilty plea got his sentence reduced to manslaughter 2 with other charges such as tampering with physical evidence, bail jumping, Escape second degree and tampering with his monitoring device while he was out on his free bail.

He accepted a 20 year sentence, but only 10 of those years we're for the above charges. Another 10 years was added for another crime he committed during the six and a half years that he went free before the initial arrest. This was charges of trafficking in heroin which was from  another County and had nothing to do with Mark Dunn.

This 20 year sentence is what was recommended by the Attorney General's office which was currently carrying the case.

This case had a lot of unusual and unfortunate things to go wrong including a two-year loss of paper trail and some evidence. It also had a change in representation due to a bogus Accusation my man who claimed his father admitted to killing Mark Dunn. This man had died but the court removed the first attorneys which was the Jessamine County Commonwealth (Nicholasville)  it was then picked up by the Attorney General's office.

The loss of the missing 2 years ended up with another court appearance with a request for the case to be dismissed. Of course that was denied but still caused a lot of Heartache. 

I know very little about this case to be the truth through the words Odis Henson stated and now that the sentencing is over and David Peel took and Alfred plea, we will not know the whole truth. I only know the truth that lies within me about Mark Dunn and I know that he did not deserve this!

Kentucky law allows time served to be credited.  But what I didn't realize was that that would start immediately which brings me to the point of this petition.

The point is David Peel is now getting a parole hearing in less than 120 days after being sentenced just a little over a week ago.

A convicted killer, a convicted drug dealer with a Chance for a parole board hearing and a chance

to get out of prison? How many more deals will he be allowed to have? Has he been on good behavior? Remember the bail jumping?

I feel pretty sure that the people in the town of Nicholasville would not be happy to have a convicted killer and a convicted drug dealer back on their streets. And I am absolutely confident that everyone that has heard anything about this case through me, or Mark's family, from the newspaper and or the news on television can understand how I feel by allowing him to be released from prison is diminishing the life of Mark Dunn!

I am Paula Dunn and I am Mark Dunn's wife. I would very much appreciate your support by signing this petition. Let's keep him in prison for every day that he was handed and keep him off the streets so he can't harm anyone or get back into his drug-dealing days again!