From Death row to Parole?

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My sister Barbel Poore, was murdered on January 7,1981..after being subjected to hours of sexual torture, by Kevin Stanford and two accompliances. Barbel was a 20 year old single mother, working to support her child. She was closing the gas station that she worked at, upon going outside to read the gas pump numbers, Kevin Stanford and David Buchanon quickly closed in on her, while Troy Johnson remained in his car as lookout. She was forced back inside at gunpoint..where immediately the attacks upon her began, after approximately 2 hours she was than abducted, driven just blocks a way, there she was shot point blank in her beautiful face, the second shot to the back of her head ended her life. Kevin Stanford, the ringleader was sentenced to the death penalty in 1982. In 2003 than, Governor Paul Patton commuted his sentence to life without parole, citing his age as his reason. Stanford was 17 at the time of the crime., even though more than 100 courts had affirmed the sentence including the U.S. Supreme Court in 1989 (Stanford v. Kentucky) Governor Patton did this, while he himself was involved in a huge sex scandal that shocked the citizens of the Commonwealth of Ky. Now years later the U. S. Supreme Court rules, if you were under 18 you can not receive life without parole. So Stanford now plans to apply for resentencing, or to go straight to the parole board. This will be beyond a misjustice , it will be a danger for the family of Barbel Poore, it will be a danger for the community. Contrary to what newspaper articles have wrote, Stanford has never shown remorse, actually the opposite, bragging and boasting of what he did to my sister. He has not been an ideal prisoner, 22 infractions on death row alone, most all of a sexual nature, including forced sodomy. Since joining the general population , he has proven to go after the weak, again forcible sodomy..and many other infractions. We the people believe Kevin Stanford should never be released from prison. We ask that Kevin Stanford be resentenced to life without parole.

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