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Marvin Charles "Charlie" Prater, brutally murdered on October 21, 2000. Of the four monsters who appointed themselves judge, jury, and executioners, only two are currently incarcerated. One of the two, Ricky Switzer Jr, will appear before the Kentucky Parole Board on October 16, 2016.  When he was first indicted he was facing the death penalty for his role in demise of our Charlie, he received a Plea Deal for only 27 years. He has served roughly half of this sentence. He will try to appear remorseful in front of the Board, but he isn't.  He doesn't think he did anything wrong, Switzer has even went so far as to write a "Letter to the Editor" to the hometown newspaper in which he wanted people to write him in prison so they could hear the real story, he even urged Charlie's family to do so. 

Words can NEVER express what these monsters made Charlie suffer through. It was premeditated, heinous, and only the very worst dregs of our society could commit such brutality. 

Charlie was a worrier, he was worried about his girlfriend and he was determined to find her. He walked from my apartment to the local dive bar, he was certain that she would show up there. He had just been paid. He was sitting at my kitchen table and he put the money in his shoe. I urged him not to take it, he brushed off my anxiousness with his "Charlie grin" and assured me that everyone liked him, he said he wouldn't be able to walk that short distance without several people driving by and yelling hello to him. He hugged his son and my boys promising them candy and walked out my door. For the very last time. He met up with the four people who would decide his fate. Ricky Switzer Jr lived in the apartment above the bar, his girlfriend Sara Smith was with him.  David and Tabatha Thurman were present, these four would be the death of our Charlie. The agreement was made that they would drive Charlie to go look for his girlfriend as long as he paid them. He agreed. But according to Switzer's statement, Charlie was suspicious of David, but Ricky assured him that he didn't think David would try to rob him. As they were preparing to leave, David whispered to Ricky to grab the baseball bat he kept by his bed. Sara provided the car, Tabatha drove, Ricky got in the trunk (he had a warrant), David and Charlie were in the backseat.  David told Charlie that he needed to meet up with some people in a cemetery to get pills. Jones Cemetery, a dark old cemetery up on a hill.  David and Ricky kept up the pretense and walked around, bringing Charlie and carrying the bat with them. The two girls stayed in the car with the headlights on. Ricky said that he could see David out of the corner of his eye attempt to catch Charlie unawares so he could swing the bat. Not once did he try to warn Charlie. Not once. David finally connected, striking Charlie in the back of the head. Charlie was tough, going down to his knees, asking why the hell he hit him. No answer from David, he asked Ricky, no answer from him. At that moment, Charlie didn't have one friend in that cemetery. David hit him again, Ricky not interfering, Charlie threatening them that he was coming after them when he made it off this hill. Once he was immobile from pain, they began to rob him. Ripping his clothes off of him to try to find his money, he was still coherent, and he was cussing them.  They jumped in the car, the girls drive away. As they started down the hill, David ordered Tabatha to turn around because he knew Charlie had to have more money.  They got out and robbed him again. The part that gets me? As they drove away for the second time, they looked back and watched him struggle to stand. Not once did they try to get him help. They took his money, got two motel rooms, and destroyed evidence. During this time Charlie isn't in a comfortable bed in a hotel room that his money paid for, he is on the cold hard ground fighting for his life. The next morning, still not a thought of sending help. They went shopping, living it up off of the man they just beat. So, on the night of the 22nd, David went out and checked to see if Charlie was still alive, moving him a little further into the wooded area and covering him with debris. He tells Ricky that Charlie has died. They begin making plans of hiding the body the next night. On the night of the 23rd, they wrap him in plastic, put him in the back of the truck, drive to a remote place and bury him face-down in a shallow grave. When they got back to the apartment, there was some blood on their clothes, Sara washed them. Think about it, they had wet blood on their clothes, meaning he had not died the night before as David claimed. 

Charlie died alone. Let that sink in, ALONE. Can you imagine what his final thoughts were? Can you even fathom how he must've felt. Maybe he got to see the sunrise once more as he lay dying, maybe he whispered his goodbyes to the loved ones he would leave behind, but knowing him, he was most likely worrying about how much his family was going to hurt. 

Sign this petition! Ricky Switzer Jr does not deserve early release. Give Charlie just a few moments of your time, lend him your voice. 


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