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Legalization of Cannabis in Kentucky

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28 states in our country have legalized cannabis for medicinal or recreational use. In each state that has legalized crime rates are down, overdose deaths are down, cannabis use in minors is down,  and the industries have made fortunes. These fortunes are funding their education, fixing the roads, and giving communities what they need. It is estimated Colorado makes 1.5 billion dollars annually off this industry. Annually Kentucky spends over 11 billion dollars on education alone. As a student, I realize how important education is in our state, but I also know how bad we need funding for it. By legalizing cannabis this could help to give us those funds we so badly need. Another massive problem we have in the Commonwealth that cannabis could actually help aid is opioid addiction, and overdose.  Our communities are eaten up with addicts. They hurt the ones they love, steal, and do anything to get the drug they want. The main source of our problem is the mass money making pharmaceutical industry.  By getting our communities addicted, they are in the end getting 2 things. Money, and an addicted consumer who could potentially build a dependence for opioids and come back for more. In the end giving the government more money.  This industry kills 10,000 people a year. Thats about 46 people a day who die because of  a drug made by the hands of man. While the cannabis industry has never taken a life.....ever. The good thing about this is that cannabis gives the consumer the same medical benefits as opioids, without a side of addiction or death.  Not only that but cannabis has proven extremely effective in opioid addiction and helping addicts get clean. Thats not the only ailment cannabis cures. It cures a multitude of ailments. From a simple headache, to cancer. Whatever your sickness is, cannabis can help. There are even ways to get the medicinal properties of cannabis without getting high in legal states. From oils you rub on your hands for Arthritis, to pure CBD oils. The citizens of the Commonwealth just want to be able to use cannabis as a medicine without being labeled a criminal. Now almost one year after filing the Cannabis Freedom Act, Kentucky State Senator Perry Clark has pre-filed a bill for the 2017 legislative season that pertains to legalizing marijuana in the state. Filed on December 6 for the January, 2017, legislative season, the new bill is called the Cannabis Compassion Actand is filed as BR 409. Email or call the Kentucky Legislation and express to them how you feel about this decision!!!!

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