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House Bill 492- Amend joint custody law 2017

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House Bill 492 was signed and passed  July 2017 claiming that our children in Kentucky will get the best of both worlds from both parents. This would be ideal if both parents had been in the household and were providing care for the child/children. But this is most of the time not the case. Small children that have been cared for and provided for by one parent all of the sudden are jerked away from the normal caregiver/parent because of this new law. Any child that is unable to communicate with their normal caregiver and hasn't been getting support from the other parent should not be given this opportunity to automatically get joint custody. Absent parents see this as a way of getting out of child support suddenly once they can go to court and use this law to their favor. This law needs to be amended to parents that have provided and cared for the child from birth and not to get out of support obligations. Now you will have small children tossed back and forth from a familiar secure home that they know to one that is just getting the time in to get out of child support. Statics show that joint custody only works if both parents can provide truly loving and caring environments and open communications and open minds to provide the best interest of the small child in mind. Small children get stressed by the constant change and stay sick from the strain on their immune system. This is not fair to the child! Judges in KY courts are forced to agree with this new law and are predictable in awarding joint custody now in court. We have got to step up as parents and grandparents seeing our small children effected negatively by this new joint custody law. This must change to protect our children that aren't getting "the best of both worlds" instead are getting sick and the strain of tossed back and forth every few days. They can't get a consistent schedule with potty training or bottle breaking etc. 

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