Victims’ Advocacy Revamp

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Our judicial system is sorely lacking in any sort of victims’ advocacy concern—empathy, fairness, and even courtesy—to people touched directly or indirectly by criminal neglect and tragedy. 

When Franklin County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate can smugly call a mother’s attempt at presenting a victim impact statement (her legal and moral right) a “rude outburst worthy of jail”, and Commonwealth Attorney Larry Cleveland can say it was “a ridiculous eruption”, something is very wrong with our system. 

When Family Court Judge Squire Williams sends children back into deplorable, unsanitary, and inhumane conditions repeatedly to the point that outside agencies like the Sheriff’s Office have to hyper-extend their jurisdiction to cover his slack and make life bearable for these children, there is a breakdown somewhere. 

Do these people need more training, different kinds of training, heightened accountability measures? What is the “fix” for this? Do we as a constituency need to lobby for more victims-focused laws? Why aren’t the current victims’ laws being enforced? Will someone please run against them so they are no longer uncontested positions, and we have actual choices. At least there is hope in choices. (Are there viable write-in candidates?)

Above are just two examples of instances that are unacceptable. There are countless others, many that don’t receive publicity. (Toma Washington, for instance.)

Andy Beshear, we petition you for change. We find their pompous attitudes and lack of justice, accountability, and consequence unacceptable. In the private sector, we’d be fired—severely reprimanded at the very least—for this kind of work performance. 


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