Heck no the gazebo wont go!

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Lived in this house from 1979 till out on my own helped my father pour the concrete pad for old claw foot tub which i had gotten from my autobody shop teach when i was seventeen! Me and my father who passed away almost 25 years ago did the flower bed and sink around the same time !about 18yrs ago my mother had a huge old tree that was ready in jeopardy of falling down removed and shortly after had a gazebo put in place of tree !mom always wanted one and dad wanted to build one some day he passed b4 could happen! After 20 plus years that all this has been done mom got a certified letter from GOOD OLD CITY OF ELMIRA! SHE HAS TWO WEEKS TO REMOVE GAZEBO OLD BED FRAME AND OLD SINK!!!!! WTF IS GOING ON HERE! On!e of the nicest houses in elmira period always well kept she does decoration for all seasons and kids love it adults too ! The city of elmira and good ol jim hare !put me through the ringer when wanted to open body shop on walnut street! Now picking on a long time resident of elmira who always has kept grass mowed side walks shoveled fire hydrant clear during snow storm !the idiots running elmira should be ashamed of themselves! Please stand up for my mom and make this viral share with everyone

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