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We respectfully request that you look carefully into the case of Ms. Mikayla Hull's "citizens' arrest" and bring charges against Mr. Jonathan Damon for his use of excessive force in apprehending her.

Mikayla Hull, a young Grand Rapids woman alleged to have stolen a purse, was apprehended and held by 3 men during a "citizens' arrest."  During the arrest her arms and legs were held on the ground while a 250 lb. man (Jonathan Damon) sat on her chest. After pleading with him to let her up, she attempted to free herself and was punched in the face three times by Mr. Damon before one of the other men stopped him (on video).

We believe that this sets a dangerous precedent, as it regards "citizens' arrests" and especially women's rights, in cases where men may attempt to arrest and detain women.  This case should be carefully investigated and Mr. Damon should be prosecuted for his abuse of this young lady.

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  • Third Ward Commissioner
    Elias Lumpkin
  • Kent County Prosecutor
    William A. Forsyth (Kent County Prosecutor)

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