Keep our Headteacher at St Thomas's and prevent a KCSP cluster with other schools.

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We at St Thomas’s School want Claudia Aquilina to return to her position as Headteacher. We understand that the ‘safeguarding’ investigation is no longer considered one and no criminal or safeguarding charges are being brought against her.

The incident has been made known to us that Claudia Aquilina looked after a pupil at the request of a mother in need. As a close Catholic community we view her actions as one of a good Samaritan which demonstrates her pastoral care to families in the school.

The delay in response to this outcome from KCSP creates concern that they are using this as an opportunity to remove our Headteacher and place us under an Executive Governing Board. It is public knowledge that KCSP are keen to cluster more of the academies, including ours. As this is a business decision it disregards the integrity and interest of our school.

St Thomas’s School currently has a Local Governing Body and a Headteacher. We do not want to be clustered with other schools under an remote Executive Leadership, i.e. one headteacher between three schools.

We are concerned about many of KCSP’s initiatives which show little interest in the benefit of our school. For example, the enforcement of a catering company despite parent disapproval, and the proposal of not allowing our pupils to sit the Kent test on site. We also have concerns as to what will happen to the Governor’s Fund, donated by the parents for the benefit of St Thomas’s School.

Having our own Catholic Headteacher ensures continuation of the pastoral care of families and localised decision making, which we expect for our local Catholic school.