Petitioning Chief Executive of Kensington & Chelsea Council Nicholas Holgate

Grenfell Tower site to be redeveloped with 100% social housing

When the Grenfell Tower site is eventually demolished and cleared, Kensington & Chelsea Council should not be allowed to sell it off for private development.  

Private development will mean luxury apartments sold off to the wealthy and only the barest commitment (if that) for a social housing element.  This is not good for the Borough and it would add insult to the grave injustices suffered by the Grenfell Tower survivors.  Nor should Kensington & Chelsea Council be permitted to profit from the deaths of these residents who it has let down so very badly.

Grenfell Tower was originally constructed as a social housing site.  The Council must therefore commit to redeveloping it on a 100% social housing basis with sufficient good quality housing to re-home any Grenfell Tower survivor who wishes to continue living there.

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