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Change The Kenowa Hills High School Dress Code

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The Kenowa Hills High School dress code is unfair and sexist. A lot of the guidelines only refer to females (no bra straps, no midriff, etc.) and the guidelines that are non gender specific are usually only enforced in females. It is said that certain clothing is seen "as a distraction" to male students, but instead of teaching young impressionable females to be ashamed of their bodies, shouldn't we teach young males to not sexualize women's bodies so much? There is no reason for teachers to be looking at students as anything but an individual and unique person. They should not see us as objects. Self expression is important for self esteem. If one can't express themselves freely at school, they will not feel comfortable there. Kenowa Hills has always been forward thinking with education. Let's be forward about how we treat our students too. We are not asking to repeal the dress code, we'd just like some minor changes, such as allowing any sort of straps on shirts, allowing no straps on shirts, and allowing bra straps to show. Please consider revising the dress code to be more accommodating to female students. 

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