Close the Gap. Help Indigenous Australians achieve the equality they deserve.

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This petition is an open letter to Kenneth Edward Vowels, the Northern Territory Minster of Aboriginal Affairs.

Dear Kenneth,

As I am sure you are aware Indigenous Australians are currently in a state of crisis. Currently an approximate 10 year gap separates the life expectancy of Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians, with similar gaps in education and other health outcomes. Current government interventions have not been effective in closing this gap. I believe there are significant flaws in the thinking and reasoning behind current legislation that if changed, could have large positive impact in indigenous communities, for the good of all Australians. Over 1 billion taxpayer dollars have been spent for little to no benefit to the indigenous community, I see this as a catastrophic failure of current policy and a dire need for change. Currently there is little to no conversation with indigenous Australians on what they feel they need in their communities and I believe current interventions have not been successful in large part due to this lack of consideration. How can we expect to create effective policy to target issues effecting a vastly different culture without understanding and incorporating the facets of that culture in policy decisions. This letter represents a call for change from both myself and the other signees, to take steps to provide more appropriate policy and better use our money for the good of the Australians who need it the most.


Citizens of Australia.