Stop The Kennel Club allowing unrecognised colours to be registered

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The first duty of the Kennel Club is to preserve and protect all pedigree breeds as is described in their breed standards.

There are many breeders now who are deliberately ignoring breed standards at great cost to the pure breed pedigree dog by producing blue, chocolate, tri, cream etc at eye watering prices.

These ‘colour not recognised' breeders deliberately ignore the standard and pursue their own agenda of wealth not health by outcrossing. The parentage of these dogs is "questionable" at best. Many are cross breed dogs being sold on as pedigree at the cost of the public who believe they have a pure bred "rare" dog.

This situation must be brought under control, as within a few years some breeds will be so polluted with these non standard colours, that those which are correct will be in such a minority that their gene pool will be endangered. 

We the undersigned respectfully ask The Kennel Club to stop registering colour not recognised dogs which fall outside of the breed standard.