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Dog Welfare First in Agility - KC Height Classification Panel

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We were delighted to hear that the Kennel Club had listened to competitors across the UK about the welfare of our dogs and introduced LHO for all heights. We felt that this was a move in the right direction, and made the sport inclusive and not breed-specific. We are also pleased that so many shows have introduced LHO for all heights during 2017, and that even more are introducing it in 2018.

This petition has been set up in response to the latest agenda of the Agility Liaison Council for the January meeting, which has a 'proposal for discussion' to do away with LHO and introduce 3 heights - 300 for smalls, 450 for mediums and 600 for large. We fear that although this is better than the current FHO heights, it is not going far enough. We believe that this will have a detrimental effect on our dogs' welfare and will result in a decline in competitors in KC shows. We are bringing it to the KC's attention as the KC is 'dedicated to protecting and promoting the health and welfare of ALL dogs'.

The welfare of our dogs is paramount and we want to compete at prestigious KC shows for the foreseeable, as it is the largest and most renowned UK organisation. We do not want LHO so that our dogs run faster and win out of the grades quicker; we want LHO so that our very small smalls, small mediums and small larges do not damage their joints and have long-term injuries, we want to be able to compete with dogs that are back from injury, with dogs that have some medial problems, and with heavy bodied dogs with short legs. Agility is an active sport that keeps our dogs happy and healthy and we want to continue. We want the opportunity to compete and win up the grades, like other dogs. We do not care if results are separated or combined, we just want the opportunity to compete in our favourite past time with our best friends.

We propose that the LHO heights remain, 250 for smalls, 350 for mediums and 550 for large dogs.

If, for some reason in the future, LHO were to cause a logistical problem; we suggest that 5 official heights should be introduced in line with countries such as Sweden. Dogs should be measured into these heights and should include: 200, 300, 400, 500, 600.

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