Patios for breweries in Vancouver

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There is currently no policy in Vancouver, BC to allow breweries to operate a patio. (Have you had a craft beer outdoors in Vancouver? That was technically a restaurant) Patios can have a significant economic impact for small local businesses. For many reasons it isn't possible for all of Vancouver's breweries to become restaurants (which would then allow them to operate a patio). With the recent increase in rents due to speculative property taxes, local businesses are in need of more economic tools in order to remain local.

Allowing patios at breweries is something the City of Vancouver can do in order to help combat rising rents and speculation costs associated with them.

Allowing for patios would increase business, in the summer months, to all Vancouver based breweries. Neighboroughing communities already allow for this type of business activity and reap the benefits of their differences in policy. Keeping local customers local, by providing the ability to enjoy the outdoors at a brewery, will benefit our small businesses as well as the communities in which they operate.

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-Yeastvan District Brewery Cooperative