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Remove the Kenmore Chicanes

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The Kenmore City Council proposed to install chicanes along specific streets in order to improve pedestrian and cycle safety. The proposal stated these chicanes can “take the form of curb extensions.” The city council provided photographic examples of visually appealing chicanes used in other neighborhoods.

Instead of installing these lovely oases of motoring safety, the council chose to install tall cement planters whose hollow centers they adorned with rocks. From an esthetic standpoint, they fall short of the sweeping plant-adorned chicanes we were promised. They block mailboxes and are difficult for school buses, garbage trucks and emergency vehicles to navigate.

Additionally, there are no signs to indicate that roads have been reduced to one lane. Roads have not been painted to advise drivers to navigate around the planters or to yield to oncoming traffic on what was once a two lane road. If you fail to properly navigate the proposed curb solution, you damage your car. Failure to navigate our newly obstacle ridden unmarked roads could prove deadly.

More planters line the southwest side of Simonds Road. The 84th Ave NE Exit was once a nice sweeping exit from Simonds Road. Drivers exiting Simonds were allowed their own lane. It is now an unmarked, narrow and "precisely measured" 90 degree turn from Simonds to 84th (as defined by the city traffic engineer), or worse, as traffic exiting Simonds Road must turn sharply enough to avoid cars turning left from 84th Ave NE onto Simonds road. This traffic revision is quite startling to traffic exiting Simonds Road. The danger of a rear end impact is increased immensely as drivers suddenly brake in order to make this turn.

From a small car, the barriers provide a visual barrier to those wishing to merge to traffic on Simonds Road. Should the planters actually be planted with plants, this will further inhibit the driver’s ability to see cross traffic. While I understand that plants or their upkeep isn't a part of the city budget, it's another example of the clear bait and switch solution we have been handed.

We ask the Kenmore City Council to remove all new traffic planters immediately. Any additional safety benefit to pedestrians and cyclists is offset by the increased danger to motorists. Please sign this petition to let the Kenmore City Council know that this is not an acceptable use of our tax dollars.

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