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Cameron Buckner was jumped after getting the best of his victim one on one. He was beaten and kicked in the face repeatedly. After he managed to get away he retrieved his gun and retreated. As he was retreating he was followed and surrounded by the same boys that just beat him. He fired one warning shot they continued to approach. He then shot one of the attackers that lived. He was the only person charged and received 20 years was turned down for shock twice. The same type situation happened but involved white men. Same age, they were drunk fighting in an apartment “playfighting” Gall the aggressor went to another room to retrieve a shotgun. Walked back into the room took the safety off pointed it at the victim and shot him killing the young man. Claims it was an accident. He did 180 days and was freed on his first shock attempt. Same county same prosecutor. We need help getting Cam free. Or to reopen the case. The justice system is repeatedly used as a weapon to end lives of black men and women crippling families and ensuring life long poverty. Stand with me as I expose these racist and unjust tactics that is nothing short of attempted genocide. And successful suppression of an entire race of people. A signature is all that’s needed to help. Anything is better than nothing. God Bless