Keep Summit Learning At KMMS.

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Summit is a self-directed tool that organizes learning for grades six all the way through college. Summit learning allows students to learn critical content at their own pace and set and track goals every day about what you want to get done. Summit learning shows students progress and allows them to see their current grade. The Summit platform has pushed us to learn more than we could have ever before by not just showing us the basic curriculum, but giving us more challenges as well. There are some who think Summit should be eliminated from our learning environment. We interviewed a student from our class and he thinks that Summit is artificial and takes time away from interacting with a teacher. But we have mentors who interact with us on a weekly basis. Even teachers who do not mentor us we interact with on a daily basis. Summit is a tool that organizes our learning and ultimately helps us become better students. Help save the best tool we have ever had to learn!

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