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Hold Dean Saxton accountable for promoting hatred towards women.


Dean Saxton holds a sign “You Deserve Rape,” blames women for rape if they ‘dress like whores’

Rape is hatred against women. Free speech is not absolute and does not include the promotion of hatred. Dean Saxton and all students need to be held accountable for telling women they deserve to be raped.

A woman is not responsible for her sexual assault or rape under any circumstance, whether she has been drinking, because of the clothes she is wearing or because of her behaviour. It is solely the responsibility of those who assault her. Period.

We all have a responsibility to end rape culture. Educational institutions have a responsibility to their students to promote a safe learning experience.

Sexual assault and rape impacts women. That impact is magnified when they are blamed and shamed for the sexual assault. We believe that a combination of accountability, education and information goes a long way toward the prevention of violence.  Universities can make a difference in the lives of women. Take action. Together, we will make a difference.




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  • University of Arizona, Robert L Nugent Building, PO Box 210040, Tucson, AZ 85721-0040
    Kendal Washington White, Interim Dean of Students University of Arizona
  • Associate Dean of Students
    Kathy Adams Riester

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