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Australian Pensioners are to frightened to turn on a light , a heater , fan or oven . These are real PEOPLE who have mostly worked all there lives  to contribute to the success of this great Country we all love and share , however, the truth is they'd be better of in a prison where the Tax Payer would happily fund there  survival , or in a Refugee Detention Centre where the Government would offer them every available assistance. These are frail elderly Australian citizens fending for themselves mostly from an insufficient Pension and usually alone or widowed . 

Urgent ACTION is required by the State and Federal Governments to support SUBSIDIES for Pensioners  who deserve the basic necessities that electricity allows them to enjoy , such as keeping a light on at night for security reasons , turning on a heater to keep warm in winter, a fan in summer, using the oven or stove to feed themselves etc ..

Maybe with PEOPLE POWER we can give to the elderly Real Power to empower there quality of life in there final years and show them we care enough to at least sign this petition.   Everybody has an elderly Aunt, Uncle , Father, Mother or friend and neighbor who is humbly struggling with the high cost of Electricity. Please sign and encourage others to sign so that we can start to alleviate the pain and suffering these aged and invaluable citizens are enduring on a daily basis. 

Im suggesting that we either offer FREE power to Pensioners , OR we offer FREE solar panels , OR a minimum 50% discount on there Power Bills .        

If you think you are struggling, imagine living on a few hundred dollars a fortnight and just managing to make that money stretch out enough to barely cover the simple bare necessities in life, and then WHAMM , you go to the letterbox and discover you miraculously now have to find s rediculous some of money to send of to some Giant Corperate Power Company whilst you quietly slip further and further behind the 8 ball .

Finaly , is there any one of you out there reading this petition who thinks they're not going to get old one day ?

Thank You For Your Invaluable SUPPORT on this Nationally embarrassing issue . 

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