Remove Musition as a standard for testing music theory at JGD

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The band program at John G. Diefenbaker High School uses Musition, a computer program, as a teaching and testing tool for music theory. While Musition is a great way to quickly learn music theory, it should only be used as such; as a learning tool, NOT as a basis for the grading of students.

There are many complications to using Musition, including:
-The removal of the program on most desktop computers in the school, removing the ability of students to access the program reliably outside of class
-An excessively long, mundane, and arguably irrelevant testing process
-Inconsistent difficulty between each test, making the tests of some students harder than others
-Unfair testing questions that can unjustly dock students' marks without any fault of their own knowledge
-Unreliable and inconsistent wait times while logging in to laptops, wasting an incredibly large amount of time before even starting the program

Alternatives to the Musition program exist, and are much more efficient in achieving their goals.
As an example, a simple written assignment/theory test such as those offered by the Royal Conservatory of Music would be excellent for testing relevant, useful knowledge, without the painful shortcomings of the Musition program. 

The removal of Musition as a grading tool not only relieves a great deal of unfairness and stress for students, but also frees up time for students and teachers to pursue other practical uses of their music class time.

Your voice is heard! Sign the petition. Together, we can facilitate change in our school's music program.

-Daniel Howe

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