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Redact their libel about rape survivors!

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This journalist called me to do a story on my film project and asked me a series of questions, including how to contact one of the rape survivors I had interviewed to raise money and awareness about the cause of treatment and prevention of sexual assault. Unfortunately, this journalist Mr. Picard then abused this protected information by calling her and then making up things from that point on about things both of us said about this work.

The article openly lies about my quotes to survivors (I never said what am quoted to have, Picard just MADE THIS UP) and in what survivors said to him about me. No survivor was filmed nude or asked to 'disrobe for me'. Why would a journalist with a newspaper, police, a rape crisis leader get together and lie about someone trying to stop and help heal survivors from rape?

The damage from this hateful article is criminally dangerous and a form of sexual assult in my opinion!

I do not believe RAPE LIBEL should be the cornerstone of any political story?
This same news publication censored my scientific equation for mathematical physics (a formula of Time in an equation?) before this libel.They censored my physics then attempted to destroy my career from this dishonest attempt atassaulting me and rape survivors daily.

I believe this article inspires rapes and is criminally dangerous to everybody involved, most especially the public health? Why would someone want to cause sensational and sexualized responses to a rape prevention project? It's very sickening and disturbing!

Lying about rape to make someone hurt, to destroy their career and to stop a project is a series of crimes.

The WRCC (Women's Rape Crisis Center) has made full and active use of this criminal article by attempting to gather evidence in order to cause harm to me and my work which they were originally contracted to be a part of. Then. they begain working with the police and Sevendays to libel me and take the project for themselves. This is a copyright infringement violation in my opinion to take my exact expression of an idea that was brought to them for partnering in business, then to gang up with cops and journalists to lie and besmirch me doing the project, gather evidence against him to stick him in jail then run away with the project that was brought to them with their survivors and their local artists hired to do (MY) work? I don't like being professionally raped while am being abused for the work with sexual assault survivors in a false ARTICLE.

Every human being is at risk as a result of this perpetuation of rape lies. This rape crime by Sevendays is causing incredible damage and suffering in addition to its criminal hazard every single day. It libels me and Laura Laterneau in the world public.


It is a rape CRIME in my opinion to do this knowningly. I have sent 'CEASE AND DESIST' warnings for libel, reckless endangerment and sexual assault but they have been ignored by Sevendays Editor Paula Poundstone.


The article in question is called 'Art or Exploitation' and at the very bottom after the lies have been set in your mind and the damage caused, they include a 'link' to the 'Correction'.

My art can be viewed at



I have spoken with several attorneys about it and was told the libel can be proved and stopped but I need to pay $50,000 in legal fees. As a mentally disabled artist who is literally being forced starved by the city (they no longer allow me to buy groceries, which is an International Human Rights crime violation and the reason is because I pointed out harassment by store workers that I was told happened because of this art). has my art work, so you can see the kind of art for yourself. Hear my music at

Let's get this article taken down, the survivors and myself apologized to and then I can see about getting a lawyer to sue for damages to pay my survivors and to do the non-profit constrution of a Rape Survivor Shelter in Burlington that was the whole goal.



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