Injustice in the Texas Criminal Justice System Corruption in Smith County Texas

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I could write a long story about a corrupt and dishonorable courtroom. A
judge who failed at her duty to unsure that justice is sought, and to
protect the justice of citizens. A malicious and conscienceless district
attorney who engrossed charges to seek a trumped-up conviction and a court
appointed trial attorney who trampled his client’s rights and sabotaged his
clients defense in every aspect of his duty to “serve and protect.” But
here I’m going to make this story more about the mortality that exists
within the justice system. The lack of proportionality in sentencing
convicted criminals. The overzealousness of DA’s who have no interest in
seeing that justice is done, and the purpose of the prison system.
I was forced to go to trial in May 2007 on exaggerated charges of
Aggravated Assault on A Peace Officer. From the outset of an overzealous DA
sought to take my life away. Prospectors said, I would either give them an
open plea and accept whatever amount of time that they wanted to give me or
I could go to trial and most likely get the maximum sentence. So, due to
their lack of evidence and fact that the charges were gravely engrossed I
opted for trial. At that time, I believed in the justice system and I knew
that the evidence would show that no assault or anything that could be
perceived as assault had occurred at any point during the pursuit. What I
did not realize is that this testimony would be ignored by their judge and
the DA and that they would pervert the lines of justice despite what the
evidence showed. I also didn’t realize that may the court-appointed trial
lawyer would be helping them to seek my conviction by providing the only
evidence linking me to the crime and sabotaging my defense every step of
the way. But even if they proved that I committed the crime that day, they
still would have never proved that an assault had occurred and thus they
never justified the life sentence that I was given for my first felony
I was accused of taking the Tyler DPS on a high-speed purist in Smith
County, Texas. The DA’s alleged that during the purist I assaulted Trooper
Robert Johnson by driving my car in his direction. But this State Trooper
never felt like his life was in danger and that exactly what he said on the
stand and testified to. But these malicious DA’s ignored his testimony and
still sought a conviction on these highly engrossed charges. I will show
you some of Robert Johnson’s testimony directly quoted from the record and
then you can be the judge if whether or not the burden of proof was met for
an Aggravated Assault conviction and whether or not it warrants a life
sentence. Remember that a prison sentence is meant to be proportional to
the crime that occurred. Never did this Trooper say that I used my car as a
weapon or that I tried to run him down like the DA’s portrayed! Under
questioning from my court appointed lawyer, Melvin Thompson (M.T) here’s
some direct testimony from Robert Johnson(R.J):
M.T: “The car must’ve been pretty close to you for you to have to dive out
of the way?”
R.J: “I didn’t dive I just ran.”
M.T: “You just sort of got out of the way?”
R.J: “Yes sir.”
M.T: “Well, at that point in time you said that you were your vehicle on
the side of the road. You took evasive action toward the rear of your
vehicle. If you were standing on the side of the road behind your vehicle
and the (suspect) vehicle was in the road, you were no longer in danger.”
(prostraters object because they know the answer will hurt their slanderous
campaign of trying to make me look like a cop killer) (The judge overrules
the objection and allows R.J to answer.)
R.J: “He was no longer… I was no longer in danger of being hit, no sir.”
M.T: “Well you were running you ran over to the back of the vehicle before
the (suspect) vehicle got to you.”
R.J: “Yes sir that’s correct.”
My lawyer went on to speak about deadly force and how Trooper Johnson
would’ve used deadly force against the suspect if he had felt that he was
threatened or that his life was in danger. Trooper Johnson did fire his
weapon in an attempt to shoot out his tires and my lawyer made the point
that Trooper Johnson would’ve been shooting at the driver, rather than the
tires if he had felt that the suspect tried to run over him and he agreed,
more testimony showed this:
M.T: “You would have had to cross the entire other lane of the highway in
order to get out of the way of the car.
R.J: “A big part of it, yes sir.”
M.T: “Well you didn’t have to but that’s where you were retreating to.”
R.J: “Yes sir.”
M.T: “Now at what point did the car swerve out of its lane in an effort to
run you down?”
R.J: “Sir, I do not believe he ever swerved out of his lane to try to run
me down.”
M.T: “He never tried to get tout his lane or cross over the middle section
of the lane to hit you?”
R.J: “Not that I could tell no sir.”
M.T: “Well did he come close to your cruiser in an effort to do you some
R.J: “No sir, not that I could tell.”
Now that we have read this direct testimony we should ask if this was an
Aggravated Assault on A Peace Officer and should it be punished by a life
sentence? This testimony was pretty clear cut and to the point. No one was
hurt, no damage was done, and the officer testified that he was not in
danger of being hit. What part of that testimony could justify giving
someone a life sentence, especially for a first felony convicted. Does this
sound like justice? Why would the DA and judge ignore this testimony and
pervert justice in such a way? This immorality is very prevalent in our
justice system!
Now this crime is considered a violent crime despite the
lack of evidence to show that any violence occurred. Therefore, I must do
at least 30 years flat before I come up for my first parole. Evading
arrest, which the only crime committed on that day, only carries a maximum
of 2-year prison sentence. I know of many people who have raped, molested
and murdered yet they were sentenced to much less time than I was! There
was clearly no victim in this crime and the testimony plainly exonerates me
from any violent offense but I was still pursued by those overzealous DA’s
as if I were a serial killer! I know a guy who led police on a chase rammed
several police cars with his vehicle was already a convicted criminal, yet
he received a 20-year sentence (in the same county). What is fair or
proportional about his situation in comparison to mine? A lot of times
theses DA’s and judges greatly distort the lines of justice because they
know they can get away with it. I believe I was punished for exercising my
right to a trial. If I would’ve done and open plea then they probably would
not have sought the maximum sentence against me but, then again, they could
have but at that time I refused to plea out to an engrossed charge that I
knew I was 100% innocent committing.
So, I wrote this story for the interest of justice… to show
the cold hard truth about the flaws and immorality within our justice
system. Maybe someone with an interest in seeing justice done will see this
an act. This is a battle that must be fought or many lives will become
victims of the system. Even if I’m unable to find justice in my situation
sharing this simple story will be worthwhile to me if I can prevent this
from happing to others. The purpose of the prison system is to punish and
rehabilitate the people who have been breaking the law and haven’t been
functioning well in society. Taking someone’s life for related minor
offense leaves no room for rehabilitation. What happened to second chances?
I may have to spend 18 1/2 more years here because a judge and DA perverted
justice. How can one or two have such extreme authority and control over
the life of another without some type of oversight committee to make sure
that things like this don’t happen. All human rule is susceptible to error.
These judges and DA’s are no different. These officials should be held
accountable when they commit such atrocities. What they did to me is almost
like murder. They took my life and took me away from my family. Granted my
actions are intimately responsible for sending me to prison but nothing
I’ve ever done could warrant the amount of time that I was sentenced to.
There was lack of morals and conscience displayed in the courtroom on my
day of judgement and no remorse has been shown on behalf of the system. So,
whose crime was worse? A man who ran from police or a judge and DA who
unjust fully took the life of a man for a crime that only warrants a 2-year
prison sentence?
I firmly believe that all criminals should be punished. But
I also believe that they should be entitled to a fair trial and a sentence
that is proportional to the crime they committed. My whole trail was a scam
and my rights were trampled by my lawyer judge and DA... The judge and DA
understood I was threatened by 2 witnesses against me, yet they allowed
each of these people to get away with these threats without any
repercussion. One witness openly threatened to cut my head off in the
courtroom and another wrote a letter threating to my unborn child. Now how
is that fair by any means? My grievance really isn’t about my trial though.
It’s about injustice and the lack of proportionality in sentencing. My time
doesn’t correlate with the testimony that was given. Do morals exist in the
justice system? Well they didn’t in this courtroom. I know there are many
more people with stories like mine who have the trial transcript to prove
it. But were powerless on this side of the fence. The Appeals Courts are
just as immoral as the lower courts. They’ll lie and distort the facts just
as much Most people turn a blind eye to the corruption that exists in the
justice system because it has not affected them directly. But it’s easy to
take that fall and find yourself as prey for some vicious and unrelenting
DA’s... When you do it, it will be too late to try to fix the problem,
something must be done..

Sincerely, Matthew Blake Dorsey

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