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Changes to Texas Child Support

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Texas child support is outdated and doesn't take all factors into consideration.
The lack of The Texas Child Support system looking at all factors has been affecting my family and I for several years. I have two sons that I have been fighting in court for Support and Visitation and Texas has been a very difficult place to get what is in the best interest of the child looked at.

Here is what I believe should be changed in the Texas Child Support System

1. Texas Child Support should be based on both parents income:

In Texas, Child support is based only on the Non-custodial parent's income. Both parties income should be taken into consideration if both parties have custody of the child or children. 
     There is currently another Change petition that goes further into this, if you have some free time you should look into it, as it shows that I am not currently the only person that feels some parts of this needs to be addressed.

2.In order to receive Child Support the individual requesting support should be required to obtain and hold a job themselves or be enrolled in school full time.

 In order to receive any type of assistance in Texas with Child Care, the individual requesting help is required to maintain a job that is considered full time ( 30-35 hours) a week or be enrolled in school (not online) full time.

Any individual claiming they cannot work or go to school due to having a child needs to understand that the best interest of the child is that they work to support the child and set a good example for that child. Child Support should not be the only income going to that child, it should be a supplement for what the Custodial Parent is bringing in. If they go and obtain a job and have trouble getting child care they can also use the Texas State assistance with being able to afford Income Based Child Care ( they would at this point meet the requirements as they should be the same). It is not reasonable for it to be the Non-Custodial parent's sole responsibility to work and provide for the child, it is both parents responsibility to provide financially for the child and their well being. The only exception to this should be if the individual requesting support is disabled to the point they cannot work.

3. Provide a way to show how the money the Non-Custodial parent is providing is being used for the child.

Texas states that a parent who is ordered to pay Child Support is ordered to provide and help take care of the child. I agree with this. I also believe there should be a way that shows what the money you are providing goes to and I believe it would also help alleviate many of the arguments that are dished out in court, or at least what I believe a lot of people think in their minds.  I also personally would feel more comfortable being able to see and know that the money I am ordered to provide goes to my children in a suitable manner. This can be done several different ways as in with food stamps where only certain items that can pertain to a child can be purchased such as: Food, Toys, Clothes, etc. Or, it can used to purchase any items but can be able to provide a list as to what the purchase went to such as clothes, food, light bill, etc. I feel as if such a card could help the money actually go toward the child or help the State show if its not.

Using something like the Food Stamps card may be to hard to do but I do not believe a card specifically for the Child Support and both parents having access to see what it was used for and how it obtains to the child is incredibly difficult and I feel it is both parents business to know what it went to. The State may claim it will be hard to create such a system with a card but it can be done and I believe it will be beneficial to both the Non-Custodial Parent and the child to be sure that the money is being spent appropriately.

4. The Custodial Parent should be the parent taking responsibility for financially supporting the child.

Regardless of whether Texas puts my 2nd point into effect or not, the Custodial Parent should be changed to the individual who is working for the best interest of the child. If it's found that no attempts to financially provide for the child has occurred after a reasonable amount of time, then I believe the State and the Courts should address who the more suitable parent is and custody should be re-addressed. It doesn't make sense that the State would find a parent who is not working to be in the best interest of the child, as they are not providing for the child, especially if the current Non-Custodial parents living situation is equal to or greater than the current Custodial parent but works and can provide financially.

These are non-biased thoughts that are not aimed towards any particular gender, any male or female can provide for the child, I believe the courts should make custody arrangements an Equal Opportunity and hold both parents responsible for the well being of the child.

Thank You for your time.

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