Get Kenyan MP's to refund taxpayers money to the treasury after heading to 2018 WorldCup!

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Dear readers,

Am from Kenya one of the most corrupt countries on earth ranked 143/180 in the current transparency international corruption perception index.  An overwhelming number of our citizens (45%) live in abject poverty due to corruption which results in about 45% of our national budget being lost in shady government deals which cannot be accounted for by the treasury. A majority of the remaining 55% is used in the re-current expenditure paying expensive salaries for government officials in our ministries, legislature and Senate. Despite our standards of living, our government officials are the highest paid person's in our country taking home over 6000$ every month minus allowances. Attempts to reduce their salaries by set institutions is usually met by threats and intimidation to undermine the payments of other civil service departments since they are in charge of legislation. Citizen's cries usually fall on deaf ears and any attempt to demonstrate and picket is usually met by police brutality since they control the police and have influence over other instruments of power and justice.

My petition seeks to ask these government officials to return the money they are spending from our taxes back to the treasury and foot their own bills for attending the World Cup 2018 quarter, semi & final matches in Russia. This money is to be held in a special kitty and used in development projects throughout the country. Please note our government sent 20 members on an all expense paid trip to Russia. This includes a first class air ticket, fully paid accommodation and tickets to watch the matches plus a daily allowance of about 1000$. This information is publicly  available on our news website the Standard Digital.

Thank you for signing this petition and enhancing transparency and accountability in Kenya.

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