Malibu's City Council must ABOLISH city manager, so the people can ELECT a full time Mayor

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THE PROBLEM : Malibu's city manager form of government has been a disaster. It really does NOT matter who you vote for, all the power bestowed upon the elected leaders in Malibu will be handed over to an UN-elected and UN-accountable city manager.

1) Malibu's first City Council hijacked our Democracy by abdicating its control over our city to an UN-elected city manager. The people of Malibu NEVER voted for, or approved of this action. 

2) The destruction of Malibu's democracy has had terrible effects upon the people of Malibu.  Despite a ballooning in city employees to about 100, NOT a single one is a fire protection expert. 

3) The recent fire disaster in Malibu was exacerbated by: 

i) A  lack of preparation 

ii) A lack of leadership from an elected Mayor                                                            

iii) A lack of its own police and fire departments.                                                                 


#1) Abolish the City Manager form of Government.   Please sign the petition to RECALL Rick Mullen and Skylar Peak, because they are refusing to abolish the city manager form of government.                                                                                       
#2) Allow the people of Malibu to ELECT a full time Mayor who has the wisdom and compassion to lead the city, especially during a crisis.

#3) Create a Malibu Police Department, with all officers professionally cross trained as firefighters. Malibu can have more than twice the number of patrolling officers for less than what the city is now paying out to the Sheriff's Department.  Malibu could then have about 50 professionally trained firefighters on its payroll to help protect the people of Malibu.