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Get Ken Dunn to refund me the $8,200 he owes me.

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On August 8, 2015, BJ Rae contracted with Next Century Publishing (NCP) to publish her book NEAR A RIVER.  

BJ RAE is completely disabled due to traumatic brain injury caused by domestic abuse (her ex-husband) and her current husband is a completely disabled Vietnam Veteran.  So BJ used their savings to pay Ken Dunn the $8,200 to publish her book.  When she paid NCP, Prentice Tenney, BJ's first NCP contact, promised her the book would be published by the end of November in that year.  But the end of November came and her book was not published.  The end of February of the next year came and NCP still had not published her book.  On February 22, 2016, Simon Presland, Editor in Chief at NCP, sent BJ an email blaming her for the delay in publication that used the f-word.  The email also stated the book would not be published until April. But BJ knew the delay was caused by NCP's internal issue of not getting the parts of the project done on time and it was not her fault.  She had provided NCP with everything they needed to publish her book when NCP requested it. Because NCP kept pushing her publication date further and further out, she did not believe NCP would publish her book by mid April.

This email was the last straw for her.  She moved her book to a different publisher due to NCP's violation of the "good faith" contract law that applies in Nevada where NCP is registered to do business.  BJ also has pursued a full refund of the money she paid NCP to publish her book because NCP violated the contract.  

BJ hired a lawyer to communicate with NCP and Ken Dunn, but this failed.  Several of BJ's writer friends have communicated with Ken Dunn to try to get Ken Dunn to refund her money.  But he still refuses.

BJ cannot afford to hire a lawyer to sue Ken Dunn in court.  This would cost thousands of dollars and may cost more than she could get back in her refund.

The solution to this situation is that Ken Dunn, the owner of NCP, who has been very stubborn to the current time, refund BJ's money.  BJ and her husband are both completely disabled and need this money back!

BJ cares about this issue because the money that she is owed is a substantial amount and Ken Dunn has done this to other writers also.  Ken Dunn has violated other contracts with other writers and needs to stop taking money from writers and not publishing their books.

Please sign this petition and help BJ Rae get her money back.  If BJ gets her money back, the other writers might be able to get their money back, too.

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