Days of Our Lives, bring back the coming out storyline head writers

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We, the fans of Days of Our Lives, feel that there is a significant problem with the direction the current storyline has taken and that the problem is in the writing.

We are fans of Will Horton's coming out storyline and were deeply moved by the class, maturity, character development, and sensitivity with which this story was told. Many of us who are gay have waited our entire lives for a story as well-written as the coming out storyline was.

In Grandma Marlena, this story gave the world a model for the right way every parent and caretaker of an LGBT person should handle being there and supporting their loved one. Deidre Hall was phenomenal in this role, and those of us in the gay community are forever thankful to her and her character for being the parent most of us never had. In Sonny Kiriakis, wonderfully portrayed by Freddie Smith, Will found an incredibly patient and supportive friend, and later partner. The romance was beautifully built over an extended period of time, first as a friendship, and then as a relationship with palpable chemistry. And in Will Horton, Chandler Massey gave the LGBT community one of the greatest gifts we have ever received from an entertainer. His portrayal of the struggle, hurt, fear, confusion, and later elation and relief of coming out means more to us than we could ever express in words. The rest of the supporting cast were also beautifully acted.

However, the magic that all of these actors gave us would not have been possible without first-class writing. Grandma Marlena and Sonny would not have been the very models of a supportive parent and friend had Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas not been mature enough to know the right words for them to say at the right times in Will's struggle. And the gift Marlene and Darrell Ray gave us in taking their time for Will to come out was a gift of respect for how difficult it is or was for most of us to do so. And beyond the LGBT community, women and men across the country were captivated by the honesty and masterfully-crafted coming out storyline that Days of Our Lives told from 2011 to 2012. 

With most of the original supporting cast still on the show, and with Chandler Massey's recent return, Days now has almost all of the pieces to make the magic return. However, one central piece is missing: head writers Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas. While we respect the talent of the current head writer, in comparison to Marlene's and Darrell Ray's brilliance, we feel the current writing does not measure up. At times, we are often frustrated with what appears to be a lack of understanding of the great chemistry that exists between Freddie and Chandler and of what that relationship meant to fans when they were together. We are frustrated that the current storyline is often not compelling or confusing, and as fans who know these characters very well, we feel the characters are not acting as they actually would.

We urge current producers to compare the quality of storylines written by McPherson and Thomas' to those by the current head writer. Frankly, when it comes to maturity, character development, emotional engagement, and honesty to the reality of the American gay experience, there is no comparison.

In these days of frightening headlines, talks of nuclear war, and climate devastation, fans want less drama and more romance. McPherson and Thomas understood this.

To the Days Producers, we the fans say bring back Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas. Allow them to finish telling the incredible story they started. It brought us to tears, made us laugh, and we couldn't take our eyes off of it. McPherson and Thomas created something in the coming out storyline that went beyond entertainment, and all who were a part of making it come to life should feel honored to have been able to do so. Days of Our Lives still has a chance to continue to create that magic. But they need Marlene and Darrell Ray to make it happen.

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