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Donate a portion of Sharks ticket revenue to shark conservation

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We are a group of high school students dedicated to the conservation of the environment. As part of an AP Environmental Science project, we have decided to focus on the negative stereotyping of sharks and the finning of these misunderstood creatures. 

Our plan is to petition to have the Sharks Hockey team in San Jose donate a portion of their ticket revenue to the accredited organization SharkSavers which is a branch of WildAid.

Sharks are a vital part of marine ecosystems as apex predators. The health of the oceans has a large impact on the health and functioning of our own ecosystems and economy. Sharks help maintain fish populations in proper proportions; without sharks, fish populations could grow to an unhealthy size that would create disastrous effects on the ecosystem. They also prevent the spread of disease among fish because they prey on the old and sick.

Do your part to save the oceans and sign our petition.

We will send this petition to the Chief Operating Officer, John Tortora and the Vice President of Finance, Ken Caveney of the Sharks Hockey Team of San Jose.

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