Have a Voice in the NADG Development

Have a Voice in the NADG Development

901 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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Ken Caryl Residents and

Why this petition matters

Started by KC Resident

Hi Neighbors!

We are submitting this petition to various Jefferson County Planning & Zoning personnel, approval agencies and state-affiliated offices, and all members of our Ken Caryl Ranch MD/MA boards. We ask them to consider our collective stance in regards to the NADG Inclusion Agreement and the preliminary and final plat process of the NADG housing developments.

The purpose of this petition is to communicate to our elected officials, acting on our behalf to Jefferson County commissioners and with the developer to protect our community, that we want involvement in decision-making, agreements, and confirmation they will protect the sustainability, environmental impact, safety (fire, traffic, resources), and overuse (overcrowding) of existing amenities.

We are demonstrating a solidified effort through the petition's signatures to exhibit that, we as residents and taxpayers, have not properly been informed nor involved in this important issue and have concerns about its subsequent impact on our community and our voices not being considered. KCRMD signed the NADG Inclusion Agreement without any opportunity to properly vet or propose the community's concerns and requests. This poses serious legal implications. 

We have over 850 signatures and encourage you to join us! As residents and taxpayers, we have serious concerns about these developments and their impact on our community. We deserve a platform to be heard and would like to be able to stand before the "powers at be" to voice these concerns. It is their responsibility to listen, research, and represent their constituents honestly and professionally.

Please consider joining this petition by signing your name. Please also share with any other residents (through emails, other social platforms, word of mouth, etc.) so that we can show officials that the majority of residents feel the same about being uninformed and uninvolved in the process.

Thank you for your passion, eloquence, intelligence, and community-minded hearts in your messages, and comments on social media and at community meetings. Together as a community, we can have an impact on these decisions before it's too late! To learn more, please follow the community input from the KC Neighbors or KC Friends 2.0 Facebook pages, and/or the community posts on NextDoor.

852 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000! Please sign and send to your neighbors and friends - talk to people about this while you are out in the community. The more people who are involved, the better.

901 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!