Save the Mojave Mailbox Monuments!

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The Mojave Road in the Mojave National Preserve has become one of the most iconic off road destinations for the entire off roading/overlanding community.  There is beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife, and random points of interest that people have come to love.  One of those is the mailbox, specifically the random frog statues, garden gnomes, and others.  It has become sort of tradition to add something to these collections, making it fun for the travelers that stop by each year.

This "shrine" is now in danger of being removed.  The National Park has posted a notice stating that the items will be removed in February 2020.  

While this may seem like junk to some, it's a favorite spot for many who come through the trail.  We need your help to get the National Preserve to reverse their decision, and allow future generations to enjoy the mailbox shrines!

This petition will be sent to Congressman Ken Calvert, who will hopefully be able to get a temporary stop to the removal, and eventual reversal.  Thank you for your support!