The Puzzle Between Palestine and Israel

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      The termination of the British people mandate over Palestine and the Israeli Resolution of Independence sparked a full phase of the moon -plate war (1948 Arab–Israeli War) which erupted after May 14 , 1948. On fifteen –16 May, the four armies of Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Iraq invaded/intervened in what had been the area of the British Authorisation followed not long after by social unit from Lebanon .In the first appearance to the cablegram from the Escritoire -Superior general of the League of Arab Land to the UN Secretary-Superior general on May 15, 1948, the Arab League gave reasons for its "intervention", "On the occasion of the intervention of Arab Res publica in Palestine to restore law and club and to prevent disturbances prevailing in Palestine from dissemination into their territories and to hinderance further bloodshed".

      While Arabian commander ordered villagers to evacuate for military purposes in isolated sphere ,there is no evidence that the Arab leadership made a blanket call for evacuation and in fact most urged Palestinian to stop in their homes. Violation by the Haganah on major Arab population centers like Jaffa and Hefa as well as expulsions carried out by grouping like the Irgun and Lehi such as at Deir Yassin and Lydda trail to the exodus of large portions of the Arab Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun masse . Factors such as the earlier escape by the Palestinian elite and the psychological effects of Jewish atrocities (account which both sides propagated) also played important persona in the Palestinian escape .The war resulted in an Sion i victory, with Israel annexing dominion beyond the partition border for a proposed Jewish State and into the edge for a proposed Palestinian Arab state.Jordan River River , Syrian Arab Republic , Lebanon, and Arab Republic of Egypt signed the 1949 Armistice Agreement with Israel. The remaining territories, the Gaza Airstrip and the Occident Bank, were occupied by Egypt and Transjordan, respectively. Jordan also annexed East Jerusalem while Israel administered West Jerusalem. In 1950, the West Bank was unilaterally incorporated into Jordan.

     to stop this conflict it has a really simple solution but a complex idea to solve it. The ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of America and The British ministry need to drastically decrease the supply of fire arms in the country because this problem with guns is bringing alot of chaos in the land. this lead to many territory problems this usually lead to guns fights against the groups that  are involved with this area. this area that they are fighting over is all about resources because they all needed this resources to fund their group with this area problem. This groups are fight this resources because of the funds and the supply of guns that they have been give by these leading countries.

     for that we mus convinced the ministry to stop funding the country because the country has gone down extremely because off all the guns fits and all the crimes. this may lead to the country falling apart. they should re think that they are doing something wrong this leads to the human rights of the right to live, freedom from torture. this leads. this rights are being violated by the leading country because they just want the resources that the country have. we must really decrease the supply of the uns being transported to the country because war is not the solution except that if war is the solution but they shouldn't be hurting civilians, hospitals, schools, and houses they should have their own area. but this solution isn't that effective because its really impossible to do this solution. so the least solution that can the ministry can do is that they can decrease the guns and supply because  that this is possible because its very simple that leading countries don't need to help this problem they could just mind their won businesses and go with their own countries problem instead of joining forces to help solve a problem that leads to no where

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