Provide motorcycle lanes for motorcyclists on every highway in Johor

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Countless lives are lost unnecessarily on highways and most of the time it’s motoryclists’ who are travelling long distances just to make a living. They are the least protected on the road and face the most risk. With motorcycle lanes, the safety of motorcyclists can be ensured. 

My father was involved in a hit and run and it was the scariest feeling and that feeling was relived when I heard the news about a lady who lost her husband and her baby in a hit and run as she was 7 months pregnant, she herself is in the hospital in critical condition. That accident occurred on the Second Link in Johor. These are only stories we hear of, there are so many lives lost that we do not know of. No one else should go through that. 

I hope that the people will support and the government will take action on this. 

Please sign and share for the safety of all motorcyclists as they could be your loved ones.