Ban Al Jazeera from Astro!

Ban Al Jazeera from Astro!

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Asep Ahmad Iskandar started this petition to Kementerian Komunikasi & Multimedia and

1. What the government is enforcing on ILLEGAL immigrants is the rule of law. The enforcement is embedded in our law - Immigration Act 1959/63. If you are not too busy flashing that Jabatan Penerangan media card of yours, google the immigration law.

2. It is clearly established by our law and/or any sovereign country to protect our border. Name one country that allows illegal immigrant to stay in their country freely. None. Not even in Bangladesh. Did you know that in Bangladesh, every foreigner who stays or intends to stay for a period of seven days or more at any place in any district other than the district in which his registered address is situated, shall report his presence in that other district to the Registration Officer of that district within twenty-four hours of his arrival in that district - Article 11 (2), The Foreigners Act 1946, Act No XXI. While Article 3 of The Bangladesh (Control of Entry) Act, 1952 states (1) Non Indian Citizen shall enter any part of [Bangladesh]. unless be is in possession of a passport with a visa authorizing the entry.

Article 6. Power to arrest.-(1) Any police-officer, customs-officer, or other officer empowered in this behalf by a general or special order of the Federal Government 3[***] or under a rule made under this Act, may arrest without a warrant any persons whom such officer reasonably suspects or having contravened [the provisions] of section 3. (The Bangladesh (Control of Entry) Act, 1952).

3. The so called journalist insists on filming the barricaded Enhanced MCO area by flashing Jabatan Penerangan media card. Lols. It is good that the journalist include that footage to show his stupidity. It is pandemic lah. The people working in within the barricaded area have a strict SOP to be followed. Later, kau kena, make noise again.

It says: “.. People without documents, are swiftly taken away.” You expect the illegal immigrants to roam around, while knowing they are in violation of our law as a sovereign country and entering a country without the possession of a valid travel document is a crime.

At 2.25, the journalist who speaks fluent Bangladesh language spoke to two ‘migrants’ whom, clearly in within the Enhances MCO area yet the narration of the story “.. afraid to leave his apartment because he doesnt have a valid work permit. He managed to avoid arrest, by hiding.” Fact, nobody is allowed to leave the Enhanced MCO area. Nobody is excluded including the locals. I am pretty sure this journalist is dumb.

However, based on the story narration, it claimed that the two migrants are hiding from being arrested. Police should arrest this journalist as he knows the hideout of the two illegal immigrants.

4. He then flashed his media card issued by Jabatan Penerangan, saying he is from the press to a policeman claiming he has all the rights to film.

5. The illegal immigrant that they interviewed is so suspicious. My take on this, it was dramatised. The said migrant alleged that foreigners have a value like a dog. Have you been to Bukit Bintang or Mont Kiara? Have you? No foreigners are being treated as alleged. Alas, Malaysia have been very accommodating with illegal immigrants at detentions centre.

Please read:

6. Raihan Kabir, (5.43) a Bangladeshi lives in Chow Kit says: “they are not murderers They are not criminals. They are just undocumented.” If any Immigration officers are reading this, please check this man’s document’s too. Insinuating that the illegal immigrants are not breaking any laws and by saying they are not criminals are false and fallacious. Section 6(1)(c) of Immigration Act 1959/63 clearly states: No person other than a citizen shall enter Malaysia unless, he is in possession of a valid Pass lawfully issued to him to enter Malaysia and any person who contravenes subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding ten thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to both, and shall also be liable to whipping of not more than six strokes. Not a criminal? They are punishable by law thus they are criminals.

Jabatan Penerangan should revoke his media credential. If he is a foreign journalist, does he has a working permit?

Credit: FB Hazrey

KKM should BAN Al Jazeera from airing on Astro! Subscribers should cancel their subscription if action is not taken!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!