Kelvin Grove Seniors of 2019 Petition for School to Bring Back Personalised Jerseys

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As of last year, Kelvin Grove State College seniors were no longer permitted to have their name on the back of their jerseys. The names were replaced with "SENIOR" and first or last names were printed in small font under the school crest - this was effective as of 2018. This trade mark tradition of having your own personalised uniform piece is celebrated and implemented by majority of high schools across Queensland. Understandably, the reasoning surrounding this choice was for 'safety reasons'. However, what we are being stripped away of is what several generations before ours have treasured. Being one of the only schools to have put this into place is it unfathomable that we should continue to produce these jerseys as they should be something we can take with us and look back on in years to come. I urge you to sign this petition for the class of 2019 under the proposed conditions:

1. Every student and their respected parent/care-giver must sign a form recognising that dangers may become apparent from wearing their name openly on the jersey.

2. Students are to write either their FIRST or LAST name on the form indicating what they would like on the back of their jersey - NO nicknames permitted. *

3. If either the student or parent/care-giver do not consent to the student wearing their name on the jersey, "SENIOR" will be placed on the back instead. *

* The following protocols are suggestive only and are to be discussed and altered as pleased via the college administration.