Bring Back the Greenspace Horticulture program to Red River College

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Education is key to a greener future, and Manitoba just lost its best resource

Red River College's recent decision to cancel the Greenspace Horticulture Program will negatively impact the supply of trained individuals available to Manitoba businesses that provide services in landscaping, horticulture, property maintenance, ornamental and edible plant production, and industry supply. The ripple effect is wide-ranging:

  • Lack of professionally trained employees will limit the ability of companies to deliver high quality service.
  • Landscape service providers are small business operations, Manitoba’s largest employer. Without professionally trained people available to meet the ongoing increase demand for services, there will be fewer businesses and reduced employment opportunities.
  • Program graduates are well prepared with fundamental education in best management practices related to environmental stewardship and sustainability. This is a one-of-a-kind program in Manitoba. The next closest programs are offered in western Alberta and southern Ontario.
  • Without training opportunities at home in Manitoba, individuals will leave the province where other programs are offered (and seldom return).
  • There is a critical connection between the mental and physical well-being of a community and the quality of it’s greenspace. This is not a luxury any community can afford to disregard.

Please sign this petition supporting the reinstatement of the Greenspace Horticulture Program at Red River College.