Close schools & revert back to online learning for K-12 students in Manitoba

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K-12 Schools closed back in March of 2020 in response to COVID-19 and to keep students safe. While the numbers have gone down by a significant amount in Manitoba, COVID-19 is still here and cases are rising again. No amount of preventive measures can fully protect students from contracting COVID-19, the only and the safest way to keep these students safe is for them to stay at home; where they have zero chance of contacting the virus in the space they're in. Home-based learning has shown great results and have been helpful to students learn better. They still have ways to contact and "meet" their teachers virtually for the help they need. It is without any doubts that home learning is a safe way for students to feel safe and learn. 

On March 31st - Government of Manitoba and Minister of Education announced that schools will be closed indefinitely as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. At the time of announcement, 7 new cases were reported. Schools still shut down. What makes it safe for students to return when there are more new cases daily now then back in March when there were only 7 new cases? As of the start date of this petition (September 11th) - 15 new cases were reported. Numbers are not going down. 

Please sign this petition to close schools again and keep our students safe.